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1,000 Mg THC Syrup - Grape Flavor - Devour Brand


1,000 Mg THC Syrup - Grape Flavor - Devour Brand


Devour THC syrup is a sweet, viscous liquid that consists of vegetable glycerine, sweetener, and cannabis concentrate. It’s texturally similar to thick cough syrup and provides many of the same effects as traditional cannabis edibles. A highly versatile cannabis product, THC syrup offers discretion and highly potent levels of cannabis for the discerning consumer. This product should not be consumed while driving, heavy tolerance to cannabis is recommended. 16mg: Occasional cannabis consumers. 24mg: Regular cannabis consumers. 40+mg: Heavy cannabis consumers. 125ml= 1,000mg. 1ml= 8mg. 1tsp (5ml)= 40mg.


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