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Buddah Bliss 94.35% THC - Cake Cartridges 510 Screw On


Buddah Bliss 94.35% THC - Cake Cartridges 510 Screw On


Blue Buddha is an ideal choice for medical patients who need a little pick me up during the latter portion of their day. Depression and stress are banished right off the bat, and as you begin to feel her energetic effects, all thoughts of fatigue go straight out the window. Issues of pain including headaches and cramps can also be soothed by this bud, and full relief will typically be realized during the comedown. Some note that this strain causes the munchies as well, so if you struggle with a lack of appetite or nausea, you’re in luck.


Weight 1.00 g
Categories Cartridges , Sativa , Hybrid ,

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