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Cereal Milk- Baked Pham 0.9g Premium Joints


Cereal Milk- Baked Pham 0.9g Premium Joints


Cereal Milk is a hybrid marijuana strain from Cookies. Cereal Milk is a soothing strain that gives you an energizing boost without the anxiety-inducing qualities of other sativa strains. Cereal milk relaxes aches and pains, while bringing out creativity in many users. Cereal milk is a versatile and calming strain that won’t lock you to the couch. It provides a boost of energy without triggering anxiety or paranoia, making it one for those with high-energy needs who want to keep their mind sharp and relieve tension in body parts such as joints and inflammation.


Weight 0.90 g
Categories Pre Rolls , Sativa Pre Rolls , Hydrid Pre Rolls ,


πŸ’₯-4 (1g), Mix and match for $85

πŸ’₯-8 (1g) for $160, Mix and match 


🟒 Flower :

πŸ’₯-Any (2) 1/8ths for $60


πŸ’₯-1/2oz for $120

Mix and match any 1/8ths 


πŸ’₯-Full Oz for $195 

Mix and match any 1/8ths



πŸ’₯-2 (1g) carts, Mix and match for $60


πŸ’₯-4 (1g) carts for $110, Mix and match 


🟒-Edibles (400-600mg)

πŸ’₯-6 bags for $100 mix and match 


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