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Strawberry Cough - Mad Labs Live Resin 1g Cartridge


Strawberry Cough - Mad Labs Live Resin 1g Cartridge


The team has spent hundreds of hours perfecting the hardware and product to give customers a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The Mad Labs experience begins with beautifully designed vape pen cartridges that are both visually stimulating and enjoyable. These unique designs are the product of innovative vape technology and high-quality components. The vape pens are made of high-quality Pyrex glass tanks and ceramic coils, making for a pretty and safe package. Some brands use plastics that can contaminate the vape oil and cause health issues, but Mad Labs does things differently. Another key feature of Mad Labs products is that they are all-natural. Mad Labs believe there is no need to have pretty packaging without providing value to the customer. The team spends hours testing different terpene levels and formulas to obtain a final product that exceeds customers’ expectations. Mad Labs products are produced from high-quality, full-spectrum extracts that give them a distinct aroma. Its cartridges contain high-THC, Delta 9 Category 3 Certified oils, and all-natural terpenes, giving all its products high potency of 82% from recent lab tests.


Weight 1.00 g
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