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Xtreme bites- Rainbow Berry - Gas Heads


Xtreme bites- Rainbow Berry - Gas Heads


These gummies are not only some of the tastiest available on the market but they are also quite strong so keep your surroundings in mind as you enjoy your gummy. If you are new to edibles keep in mind unlike the vapes it takes more time to feel the effects of these amazing gummies. Some have said they feel the effects within the first hour but in some cases they feel it within the first 2 hours. Note: Take gummies with food or eat 10-60 minutes after for best effects.


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πŸ’₯   4 (1g) , Mix & Match for $85


πŸ’₯  8 (1g)  for $160, Mix & Match 


_______FLOWER ________

πŸ’₯ ANY   (2) 1/8ths for $60      


πŸ’₯ 1/2oz for $115   

Mix & Match ANY 1/8ths 


πŸ’₯-Full Oz for $195 

Mix & Match ANY 1/8ths 


_______CARTS ________

πŸ’₯   2 (1g) carts, Mix & Match for $60


πŸ’₯ 4 (1g) carts for $110, Mix & Match


________EDIBLES (400-600 mg) _____

πŸ’₯-6 bags for $100 Mix & Match


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